Deal Me In, Week 2 ~ “Expert Advice”


Hosted by Jay @ Bibliophilopolis

“Expert Advice” by Larry Bond

Card picked: Queen of Clubs (I’ll confess. I picked twice. My first pick was the Nine of Spades, one of my wild cards. Which would have been fine except that I really wanted to start on one of the anthologies.)

From: Tales of the Imagination, ed. by David Copperfield. Yes, that David Copperfield. When I was looking around for magic-related fiction last year, I discovered that he’d edited two mass market paperback anthologies in the 90s. Both were procured via Paperback Swap.

Review: It’s 1995 and former Army captain, Harry Connor is teaching Saddam Hussein every trick he knows…

I’ve read a teeny tiny bit of military fiction; it’s not a genre I’m terribly fond of, so this story and I didn’t get along too well.  How does this relate at all to magic? A clever magician knows to take advantage of audience assumptions. People can be predictable. Military tactics even more so. That predictability can be manipulated. The story was rife with military jargon and I really didn’t get into it. Guessing which way the story was going kept me somewhat entertained.

Lesson? When I pick the wild card, take the wild cards.

About the Author: Larry Bond writes military thrillers and not many short stories. Having only read the occasional Tom Clancy novel, I was utterly unfamiliar with him.

5 thoughts on “Deal Me In, Week 2 ~ “Expert Advice”

  1. Dale

    This story sounds a little offbeat, but one I might like. I admire your willingness to read something unfamiliar. I tend to put “tried and true” stories on my list. I might need to branch out a little.

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  3. Jay

    I confess that the first time I looked at your roster of stories and saw the David Copperfield anthologies I was thinking of that other, literary David Copperfield(!) (sometimes I can be a little slow on the uptake). 🙂 Anyway, I hadn’t heard of these anthologies but it’s an interesting premise. I’ve always been fascinated by magic and how easily our senses can be fooled by skilled magicians.

    Regarding your “lesson learned” I found out pretty early on in doing this project that it is best to let fate guide you – often it seems to know better what you should read next. I’ve come to really enjoy that side of this challenge.


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