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What Else in January

Book Economy

The Quick: A NovelRead: 3

  • Print: 0
  • Ebooks: 3
  • ARCs: 1


  • The Candle Man by Alex Scarrow
  • Shirley by Susan Scarf Merrell
  • Eerie America by Eric R. Vernor and Kevin Eads
  • The Quick by Lauren Owen

It’s been a rocky start for the bookish resolutions. I forget myself and poof! Books appear. The bottom three are ARC and unfortunately I didn’t realize one is set to be published end of February instead of March, so it’ll impinge on the Triple Dog Dare challenge. So, just a Double Dog Dare?

In general, I haven’t read as much as I would have liked.

Writing Work


Been tending to Model Species out in the world. Started a re-read of Divine Fire and rewrote a scene–the editing has been bumped back to Eric for the time being. Oh, and rewrote a short story that’s been added to the premium edition of MS. Uploaded Model Species: The Apothic Edition today. It’s the thank-the-authors edition with a few extra goodies included, like the aforementioned short story, “A Game of Moths: A Tale by Gieter R. R. Morgan.”

Query-wise: Queried two new agents with Luck for Hire. Received two rejections (not from those agents).

Other Life Stuff

January has been full of ultimate frisbee. I’ve been a busy webmonkey, setting up competitive, instructional, and spring leagues. The last one has required the most attention. It’s bigger the planning gets hairy. But, draft is Monday and a new league will begin! Playing-wise, a Friday game has been added to our usual Wednesday game. When league starts, I’ll be playing MWF. Last weekend was New Year Fest. It’s the first time I’ve played in a tournament since 2007. Unfortunately, my body didn’t hold up. I played pretty well for the first three games on Saturday. The fourth game was terrible. I woke up on Sunday with every set of joints aching. Muscle pain, I can deal with. My hips aching? That’s probably the worst lately. But, Saturday was fun. Below is Maul – Masters Arizona Ultimate Ladies. We were going for fierce in this photo.

Photo courtesy Lisa Malo