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Deal Me In, Week 6 ~ “Allies”


Hosted by Jay @ Bibliophilopolis

“Allies” by Katherine Dunn

Card picked: Six of Hearts

From: David Copperfield’s Beyond Imagination

Review: A peek at a family dynamic against the backdrop of UFO reports on the radio. Copperfield’s introduction strongly influenced the way I looked at this story. He saw it as a meditation on perception, which it is to some degree. Edie, a teenage girl, manages how her mentally ill mother perceives the world by buffering the unpleasant and fabricating stories that will be pleasing. Her brother is too young to participate in the charade, her father too weary, and their community simply too prejudiced. Unfortunately, Edie is physically ugly and can’t hide who she is from the world outside of her family. It’s a pretty grim story with only the slightest glimmer of light at its end as Edie wishes for intervention.

About the Author: I didn’t recognize her name when reading the story, but Katherine Dunn is the author of Geek Love, a novel I haven’t read, but have encountered on numerous occasions. I might get up the courage to read it one day.