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Read an E-Book Week

girlreadingRead an E-Book Week is a site-wide promotion at Smashwords to help authors connect with readers. According to the press package, the catalog includes nearly 40,000 books available for free or discount. That’s a lot of reading materials and it includes books by Eric and me.

Everyday Deals

The first two books of the Apothic Man series, Model Species and Divine Fire, are both available for FREE from Smashwords and Barnes & Noble every day! For Smashwords, just head to the site and download the format that works best for you! If you own a Nook, we’ve got you covered at B&N.

About Model Species:

Alcander, an old man with a decrepit body and shattered sense of self, has a murderous plan to seize power and replace the life he cannot remember. Investigating a body with bizarre wounds fished from the bay are a middling apothynom, Inspector Paulos Gaent, and a religious objector to apothynom rule, Clerk Teria Bellaphaerenous. At cross-purposes, a private detective, Laros Nero, is hired by an anonymous client to discover the identity of the murderer for reasons other than justice. However, it will take more than keen investigative abilities to stop Alcander. It will require the unearthing of dark apothic knowledge that has been buried for an age.

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About Divine Fire:

In the Radiant Agnosian Empire, emetanisms and apothic methods from outside are restricted. The culcursus of an apothynom and the implants of the Oinos are illegal. Apothos is a sacred act that comes from Agnos, their god, the sun.

In Florey, the banking capitol of the Radiant Agnosian Empire, there is unrest. Agnos is smiting the wicked with Divine Fire. Neltiar Silva, an apothynom from the Polities, and Marie Lemieux, a woman possessing a verboten Oinos implant, want to know why and how. As they dig deeper, they find out the real reason men are dying.

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More about Weordan, the setting for the Apothic Man series.

Read an E-Book Week Specials at Smashwords

Shhh… Don’t tell Eric, but I put Model Species: The Apothic Edition on sale for 25% off. Just use the coupon code (REW25) when checking out.Β  The Apothic Edition includes the novel, Model Species, and extra goodies including the short story “A Game of Moths by Gieter RR Morgan.”

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The first novel I ever wrote, Lucinda at the Window, is FREE! Just use coupon RW100 at checkout.

About Lucinda at the Window:

Lucinda Harris is very put out.

One of her oldest friends, Rebecca O’Malley, has married an impetuous Irishman. The fortnight-long party at the O’Malley’s newly-inherited rural Ohio Manor is filled with some of the most common people. The Manor itself is in poor condition and staffed by three mostly incompetent servants. Worst of all, Lucinda has been murdered.

Lucinda is determined to solve the mystery of her own death, but unfortunately for the guests of the Manor, the only thing more haunted than the house is Lucinda Harris.

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