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Deal Me In, Week 14 ~ “16 Mins.”


Hosted by Jay @ Bibliophilopolis

“16 Mins.” by Eric Lustbader

Card picked: Two of Hearts

From: David Copperfield’s Beyond Imagination

Review: Finally, a story with a magician! My hope with these Copperfield-edited anthologies was that there’d be stories with magician characters. This is the 9th from the anthologies that I’ve read, the second penned by Eric Lustbader, and, finally, a magician!

The 16 Mins of the title is a reference to Andy Warhol’s fifteen minutes of fame quote. The narrator (do I ever learn her name? *skims story* I don’t think I do) is a young woman with a very special talent. She can make things disappear, briefly, and reappear somewhere else. She takes a no-name magician under her wing and recreates him as Randy Gold, the world’s greatest escape artist since Houdini. Unfortunately, Lustbader gives meaning to “fame monster.”

The narrative is laid out pretty simply. I liked that Lustbader held back the exact method of Randy’s signature escape until the end of the story; it gave it a “how *are* they doing it” aspect. The narrator compares herself with Henry Higgins (or rather Rex Harrison) in My Fair Lady, but really she’s the one with the really sucky, abusive past. Randy, formerly Ralph, was just a mediocre magician that was resign to that life.

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