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Thoughtful Thursday: Reading a Series from Start to Finish

Hosted by Pamela @ Reading is Fun Again

This Thursday’s question:

Assuming that you are late to the party with a book series (and the entire series is completed) and you want to read every piece of text within a series’ universe that you can get your hands on, in what order to you read the books, short stories, and novellas within the universe? Do you read the books first and then the short stories and novellas if you want more? Do you read the books, short stories, and novellas in order (either publication or chronological)? Do you read them in some other order?

Well, we’ve already established that I’m pretty crap at reading series. 😉 Honestly, I’m a little befuddled by the trend of having short stories and novellas as part of a series, although I suppose I shouldn’t be. I’ve been reading within certain fandoms (Star Wars, Star Trek, Doctor Who etc.) for most of my reading life. In the case of those “series,” story chronology has never seemed very important, probably because there are many writers involved in creating the world instead of just one. The Song of Ice and Fire read-through included a couple of Martin’s shorter works set within Westeros, but I sort of ignored them even though I think I have one of the stories around here in a Legends anthology. I suppose, I’d probably read in order of publication. As a writer, I know how hard it is to keep author knowledge out of plot, and I’d probably count on some “insider” knowledge being helpful if I was reading a prequel that was written after several books in a series. (Speaking of fandoms, a question that keeps popping up among friends who have children is, what order do you show your kids the Star Wars films? I can’t really imagine seeing those movies in the plot chronology order.)