Spring Into Horror Read-a-Thon

The Spring into Horror Read-a-Thon is almost here! It’s coming to put some scare in your Spring on Monday, April 28 at 12:00am CST through Sunday, May 4 at 11:59pm CST (adjust times according to your time zone). Now don’t let the word ‘horror’ scare you away. You only have to read one scary book during the duration of the read-a-thon.

Possible Reads

The Best Horror of the Year, Volume Six Alarums
  • The Best Horror of the Year, Volume Six edited by Ellen Datlow (an ARC)
  • Abra-Cadaver by Matt Drabble (from my Indie pile) DNF – Phooey!
  • Alarums by Richard Laymon or The Haunt by J.N. Williamson (from my TBR pile)
  • Short Story: “The Man in the Woods” by Shirley Jackson (a previously unpublished story that’s currently available in The New Yorker)
  • Short Story: “The Barnum Museum” by Steven Millhauser for Deal Me In

No specific goal. Just aiming to get some reading done. 🙂

(‘Course, now that I’ve listed these I totally want to read everything else!)


Book: Pandemonium, pg. 17-25, Best Horror of the Year, 134-157, “The Man in the Woods” ~10
# Pages Read: 43
# Pages Read Total: 359

Book: A Feast for Crows, pg. 255-279, “The Barnum Museum”, pg. 73-91
# Pages Read: 44
# Pages Read Total: 316

Book: Abracadanger, pg. 1-138, Pandemonium: Further Explorations into the World of Clive Barker, pg. 4-16
# Pages Read: 151
# Pages Read Total: 272

Book: Best Horror of the Year, pg. 76-133
# Pages Read: 58
# Pages Read Total: 121
Notes: More of a reading-oriented day, mostly because my body was being annoying. While The Best Horror of the Year has provided some good stories, I find anthologies slow-going. I pepped up my stack with a visit to Open Library. Reading a Choose Your Own Adventure, which is a lot of fun.

Book: Best Horror of the Year, pg. 50-75
# Pages Read: 26
# Pages Read Total: 63
Notes: Had a disjointed “meh” kind of day.

Book: Alarums, pg. 1-10
# Pages Read: 10
# Pages Read Total: 37
Notes: After kicking ass in most things (though not reading) on Monday, I totally lost control of Tuesday. I blame screwing around with the new Firefox for way too long.

Book: Abra-Cadaver, 5%, Magic and Mystery by Joseph Dunninger and Harry Houdini, pg. 52-61
# Pages Read: 27
# Pages Read Total: 27
Notes: Abra-Cadaver was just not doing it for me. Since today is Dunninger’s birthday, I read a little of Magic and Mystery.

5 thoughts on “Spring Into Horror Read-a-Thon

  1. thetruebookaddict

    That looks like some delicious horror! Yeah, that’s the problem with listing what you’re planning to read…it makes you want to run the other way. haha!

    Glad you’re joining me again! Hope you get some good reading in this week.

  2. avantaknits

    If I finish my library book tomorrow or Thursday, I should be able to squeeze in a quickie scare before Sunday. Hmmm, what to choose, what to choose…?

  3. Candiss

    As much as I wanted to do so, I opted not to try to fit this read-a-thon in. I knew I wouldn’t get much reading done this week and that this would make me grumpy, so it seemed like the right decision.

    I love the Best Of compilations. I haven’t picked one up for several years, though, be it horror, sf or fantasy. Is the one you’re reading worth a look?

    I hope the weekend sees the pages flying for you!

    (Also – I was going to leave this in a comment for the Deal Me In challenge, but since I wanted to comment on this read-a-thon post anyhow: I know you read as much stage magic themed fiction and nonfiction as you can get your hands on. I just saw The Confabulist by Steven Galloway pop up on one of my book feeds. Have you heard of it? It just came out yesterday, May 1, and I immediately thought of you. I haven’t read it yet, although I loved the author’s previous historical fiction The Cellist of Sarajevo. Here’s the Goodreads description: “The Confabulist weaves together the life, loves and murder of the world’s greatest magician, Harry Houdini, with the story of the man who killed him (twice): Martin Strauss, an everyday man whose fate was tied to the magician’s in unforeseen ways. A cast of memorable characters spins around Houdini’s celebrity-driven life, as they did in his time: from the Romanov family soon to be assassinated, to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and the powerful heads of Scotland Yard, and the Spiritualists who would use whoever they could to establish their religion. A brilliant novel about fame and ambition, reality and illusion, and the ways that love, grief and imagination can alter what we perceive and believe.”)

    1. Katherine Nabity Post author

      Still on the fence about the Best of Horror anthology. So far, it’s been okay, but there hasn’t been a story that’s really wow-ed me.

      I had signed up to read an ARC of The Confabulist, but I was not worthy. It’s on my wishlist now. 😉


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