Daily Archives: May 2, 2014

What Else in April

April. April, April, April. I can’t decide if April flew by or has been one of the longest months ever.

Writing Work

LuckForHireCover27boldThe biggest thing on the work front was the release of Luck for Hire via KDP Select. With previous novels, we’d used Smashwords to engender some inclusiveness across formats, but we decided we wanted to give Amazon’s promo tools a spin. So far, well, we’re still collecting data. It’s a big internet, and there are lots of books out there. I now understand some of the annoying things that writers (esp. self-pub writers) do. It’s easy to get a little desperate and manic about download numbers  and  high-starred reviews. Currently, Luck‘s only review is from my mom. I’d love for that to change. (*hint, hint* to any of you 1000 odd downloaders. 😉 )

We also formatted Luck for Hire for release in physical form via CreateSpace. The first proof looked pretty good, but needed some tweaking. We’re currently awaiting the second “proof.” So confident are we in our formatting skills that I’ve already approved the second version and ordered a copy.

April was tax month, which meant some new level of organization concerning payments and expenses. One of the things I’ve been resistant to, concerning self-publishing, has been the running-a-business part. That has become a reality, so I guess it’s time to figure out how to do it to the best of our abilities.

I gave Physic a read-through and preliminary format. Eric’s currently doing another edit/rewriting pass on it.

There was much discussion as to what my next project should be.  After further consideration, we decided that Pas de Chat would require a lot of work to whip into shape. It currently has “drawer novel” status. The three options were a second Luck book, a Model Species sequel, or the Abbott novel. My allegiance was firmly with Abbott, but honestly, the plot wasn’t going anywhere. Model Species and the Weordan books as a whole are somewhat unproven at this point. They’re not an easy sell and putting an egg in that basket didn’t seem to make much sense, even though we already have a rough draft of Fuel Eaters. That left Luck. After some cajoling, Eric talked me into it, or rather I got the idea of adding a down-on-her-luck Las Vegas magician to the mix, which makes me a little more excited. I’ve been working on In Need of Luck since Monday. (Since then, Eric has broken the Abbott story open in an interesting way. Maybe that novel will get written in the next year or so after all.)

Other Life Stuff

There was other life stuff? Some disc was played. Spring League finals were last weekend. My team was middling. We won one and lost one on Saturday. I managed pretty well aside from an unfortunate collision with one of my teammates. It was terribly windy and we were playing a zone defense that was a bit chaotic. Eric’s team made it to finals again. Anyway, below is the obligatory ulti picture from the season (courtesy Stephen So). Very similar to the one I posted a few months ago, but with a better skirt and Katie in awesome leggings.