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Short Review ~ In Reckless Ecstasy

In Reckless Ecstasy by Carl Sandburg


Nevertheless there are thoughts beyond the reach of words and these the seers transmit only by lurid splashes of verbiage that cannot be gauged by common sense but must be sought out by the spirit of sublimity in us. I try to express myself sensibly but if that fails I will use the reckless ecstasy. ~ Carl Sandburg

I had a yen to read more Sandburg and decided to start at the beginning. In Reckless Ecstasy was Sandburg’s first published collection. It’s a bit of poetry and a bit of prose, as you can see from above. While the use of language that I’m used to from Sandburg is there, this is definitely the work of a younger man. It is most often a proclamation of philosophy with all the enthusiasm and exuberance of a 26 year-old idealist. What I did miss was the more concrete aspects of Smoke and Steel and Slabs of the Sunburnt West, the connection to the land and cities that I spoke to me in those collections.

Publication date: 1904 by Asgard Press