Deal Me In, Week 21 ~ “Humpty Dumpty was a Runner”


Hosted by Jay @ Bibliophilopolis

“Humpty Dumpty was a Runner” by Janet Berliner

Card picked: Two of Spades

From: David Copperfield’s Beyond Imagination, edited by David Copperfield and Janet Berliner

Review: The year is 1996 and Jennie is a blond, fifteen year old California girl. While her heritage is Jewish,  she doesn’t understand why WWII is remotely her problem. The Berlin Wall has fallen and, in her opinion, the old people should just let it go. When she travels to Germany to visit her grandmother, time seems to slip and Jennie finds herself back in 1986, looking at the Wall.

The character of Jennie really bugged me. I guess she’s supposed to, with her blithe, “Who cares? It’s not *my* problem.” But the depiction of this attitude was very heavy-handed and simply unrelenting. The character is fifteen. Fifteen-year-olds know nothing and still have a lot of time to figure things out. It was pretty obvious that there would be a turn-around in her attitude by the end of the story.

About the Author: Janet Berliner is the co-editor of these two David Copperfield anthologies. She co-writes with George Guthridge, the author of last week’s story, and was involved with Jack Kirby’s foray into long form prose from Week 8.

Is This Your Card?
A long clip of a pretty iconic bit from Penn & Teller.

7 thoughts on “Deal Me In, Week 21 ~ “Humpty Dumpty was a Runner”

  1. james b chester

    Did David Copperfield write any stories for this anthology? It’s great to have him use his name to bring stories to the reading public. I guess he can make money doing this, which is also a good thing.

    I’ve so enjoyed the Deal-Me-In-Challenge that I’m going to do it again.

    1. Katherine Nabity Post author

      Copperfield does have a story in each, but I haven’t drawn them yet. I’m curious about what stories he might tell (whether his own or ghost-written, I don’t know). Considering his introductions to each story it does seem that he’s a reader; it would be nice to see more well-read celebrities put together anthologies.

  2. Dale

    I’ve never stopped to think that there are adults out there, now, who don’t remember the Berlin Wall. Interesting.

    1. Katherine Nabity Post author

      Isn’t that an odd thought? It’s just another “thing that happened in history.” Some kid out there is going to write historical fiction about East Germany one day.

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  4. Jay

    Sounds like, as co-editor, Berliner got to throw her own story into the mix even if it may not be up to snuff as much as some of the others. 🙂


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