What Else in May

Writing Work

physicCoverGlia16greenBlue2bPHYSIC, Eric’s first solo novel, is out in the world. And it’s doing well download-wise. As with Model Species, we’re going free with PHYSIC, at least for the time-being (and at least in the US. It’s price-matched at Amazon and that doesn’t always carry over internationally). It’s pretty much blowing away all our previous releases. (And, Eric has his first review at Amazon! And it’s a good one. Celebratory donuts will be had!)

If you’re interested in a hard science take on superheroes with an autistic main character, please, give it a look! It’s available at Amazon (Kindle), Smashwords, and B&N (Nook).

The first portion of May was spent on some false starts with In Need of Luck, followed by another re-read of PHYSIC and a final formatting pass. And then this last week has been Armchair BEA, which I mostly approached as a reader rather than a writer. Regarding In Need of Luck, it feels like it’s been a while since I’ve really sat down and written on a project with Eric. It’s going to take some readjustment.

Other Life Stuff

Not a heck of a lot went on in May that wasn’t reading or writing. I’m not playing women’s frisbee league and generally ultimate winds down in the summer.

Before Bout of Books, I decided to lay off on reading (and worrying about) ARCs. This was mostly in response to adding my ebooks to Goodreads. I own …a lot… of books that I have not read. I still have a few ARCs to finish up and I’ll take a gander at NetGalley occasionally, but I intend to be much more picky in the future.

Armchair BEA was fun and exhausting for an introvert like me. I commented more than I’ve ever commented. Loaded more blogs than I’ve ever loaded. My RSS list grows. It was especially nice to run into a good group of non-fiction readers. Non-fiction is only about 25%-33% of what I read, but I’m happy to see other bloggers who are passionate about it.



2 thoughts on “What Else in May

  1. Love that Breaking Bad-type font cover of Eric’s book! I was reading this post on my iPad and was curious about the “iT” element until I zoomed in and was able to fully appreciate it. Nicely done. 🙂

    No promises, but I’ll try to find time to read and maybe post about it.

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