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Thoughtful Thursday: Multiple Editions

Hosted by Pamela @ Reading is Fun Again

This Thursday’s question:

Have you ever bought multiple editions of the same book? What inspires you to do that (e.g., covers, language, author revisions)?

I’m pretty form agnostic when it comes to books. I’ve never had much preference for hardbacks over paperbacks aside from their availability and price. When I started reading the Wheel of Time, Eric and I decided to seek out good used copies in full-sized hardbacks, which is more difficult than you might think. Likewise with Martin’s Song of Ice and Fire and Herbert’s Dune books. Unfortunately, I’m too cheap to be a collection completist and still have a mish-mash of paperbacks and hardbacks.

I have a passing interest in translations and have several different translations of Beowulf and some Russian poetry. There are other “classics” I’ve owned in a myriad of editions: Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes stories, various copies ofย The Canterbury Tales and random Shakespeare plays, collections of Poe. Some have been gifts, some have been upgrades from Dover $1 editions to hardbacks, some have been repurchases when, in college, the original was residing in a different city.

Lately, of course, I’ve begun to acquire Kindle editions of some of my favorites. I mean, really, what’s better than having a library of your comfort books in your purse/backpack? Of course, my most ironic moment of ebook collecting has come when I was a little annoyed that there isn’t an electronic version of 84, Charing Cross Road. Considering Helene Hanff’s opinions of paste-board hardbacks, I can’t imagine what she’d think of a Kindle or PDF.