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What Else in June

Writing Work

What did I even do in June? That’s not a good question to ask, but there it is.

LuckForHireCover27boldLuck for Hire ended its stint on KDP Select on July 1st. In the end, the program didn’t work well for us. We’re trying to build audience right now, and that’s hard when you’re only allowed to price change your book for 5 days out of 90, and within a limited manner. Luck is now on Smashwords for free and will soon be available at Barnes & Noble.

I didn’t make much progress on In Need of Luck in June, but I now have a word goal plan which makes me happy. Eric set for me (because it doesn’t work if I set the goal myself) a goal of 1500 words daily, 5000 words weekly. “Katherine,” I hear you saying, “that doesn’t make a whole lot of sense.” I have the tendency to only write to my goal and not further. The weekly goal allows for bad days, planning, research, and what-not. The daily goal is meant to keep me stretched.

Formatted PHYSIC for CreateSpace, which was a little more challenging due to the epigraphs. Formatting a print book is an interesting process. You want a noticeable consistency in how things look. I had placed the chapters right after the epigraphs, and then had chapters starting at various places on the page. It made sense having the two things connected, but it looked like a mess. Starting chapters on the following page looked *much* better. PHYSIC is still available for free in various electronic formats, but nowย  it’s available in paperback too!

Other Life Stuff

We spent a week in San Diego. Eric plays with Crawl, the Phoenix master’s ultimate frisbee team, and the regional tournament was in California. We drove out on Tuesday, the 17th, in order to spend time with our friend Chris who currently has Weds/Thurs off. We hit the beach, played some pickup ultimate, and Eric and I spent Friday at Balboa Park. After taking in the ILLUSION exhibit, we wandered into whatever had free admission. I took exactly four pictures. Here are two of them, the Botanical Building and Lily Pond:

DSCN0198 DSCN0200

I could see myself spending an inordinate amount of time at Balboa Park if we lived in San Diego. And I’d spend a fortune on museum memberships.

10421287_10204366131662182_7976588459845801027_nSaturday and Sunday were the frisbee tournament. After going 3-0 on Saturday, Crawl lost the first place game on Sunday morning (replaying the last team they played on Saturday). They then beat the winner of the 3/4 game and secured 2nd place. Good enough for a bid to Nationals in Florida. Unfortunately, Eric and I won’t be going to Florida. It’s just too expensive for two writers who are building audience. *cough*

And since Eric and I celebrated our 14th wedding anniversary on Monday, I feel obligated to post a picture of him playing, which he’ll hate. The photo is not mine,ย  but by one of our resident VOTS photographers, Quan Nguyen.