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Short Review ~ Penn & Teller’s How to Play in Traffic

Penn & Teller’s How to Play in Traffic

Cover via Goodreads

While Star Trek fans, role-playing game fans, and even comic book fans eventually find each other and develop something like social groups, teenage magicians are, due to the rarity of their particular geek kink, more likely to remain socially retarded than any other group. That isolation and talent for magic allowed Penn & Teller a great deal of time to devote to revenge, mayhem, and making others look foolish. Now they share their techniques, as well as the wisdom one gains from acquiring happiness only after being ostracized and ridiculed, in Penn & Teller’s How to Play in Traffic. A mixture of tricks you can do in hotel rooms, cars, and planes, some ill-advised methods for screwing with the minds of airport security personnel, and a series of memoirs of the unusual people they’ve met on their B-venue journeys around the world, How to Play in Traffic is not only funny (as one would expect from Penn & Teller) but also oddly insightful. (via Goodreads)

Take note of the publication date. Despite what you might think of the TSA, some of the airport tricks are *very* ill-advised. Just sayin’. And as with How to Play with Your Food, there is a certain level of trick exposé in this book. If you are utterly against knowing how illusions are done, this isn’t the book for you.

After all those disclaimers, I’ll say that this is slightly less magic-tricky than How to Play with Your Food. The travel stories are the best aspect of this book. Honestly, I’d love a more straight-on travel book from Penn & Teller, before and after fame. It was also a little easier to tell which sections were written by which author, though I do wonder how the collaborative effort works between these two as writers.

Publisher: Berkley Trade
Publication date: November 1st 1997
Genre: non-fiction