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Deal Me In, Week 30 ~ “Rain”


Hosted by Jay @ Bibliophilopolis

“Rain” by Steven Millhauser

Card picked: Seven of Diamonds

From: The Barnum Museum


“Rain” is a short vignette. There’s not so much a plot as a series of what-happens-to Mr. Porter when he comes out of a movie theater to find it raining. I know I’ve said it before, but I love the visual quality of Millhauser’s writing. A rainy night in the city is a beautiful thing and it’s captured so well in this story. It is an interesting companion to “The Sepia Postcard” which was full of daytime rain in wash-out tones of white and gray.

Mr. Porter is a very plain man. He’s well-dressed. He has an okay car and a cat at home. And if his life isn’t worth anything, he might just melt in the rain.

Is This Your Card?

Now You See Me was my favorite movie of last summer. This clip introduces each of the Four Horsemen with a signature trick. I had kind of assumed that a little movie magic had been used to isolate the seven of diamonds, but actually it’s an easy trick. Well, aside from the use of a building in the reveal. In fact, unlike a few other scenes in the movie, each of these four tricks is within the realm of what can be done.

(This is a fairly PG-rated clip. You’ve been warned.)