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What Else in July


Writing Work & Other Life Stuff

July and the summer doldrums.

Writing has been going slowly for both of us, but has picked up in the last week or so. I plan on hitting the 10K words mark onย In Need of Luck today. We’ve started to get a few reviews and ratings on Luck for Hire and PHYSIC. Talk about stressful. Even good reviews cause a sort of equilibrium disruption. But, please, feel free to disrupt!

Aside from niece-sitting for a couple of days, we didn’t do much of anything in the month of July. I’ve been having a substantial arthritis flare-up which has been making things pretty miserable. I’ve also been dealing with a hacker on the VOTS site. It’s seems to be a mostly innocuous bot that inserts ads on orphaned pages for a fake Prada site. Well, innocuous to VOTS, less so for the Chanel corporation whose attorney notified me of what’s going on.

At least, the days are getting shorter and we only have 2.5 months of summer left. (I’ve found that over estimation is the only way to survive Arizona summers.) I bought a fall selection of Leinenkugel beer the other day and ate the first chocolate-covered orange marshmallow pumpkin. I suppose I can no longer be mad at Christmas stuff for showing up in August/September if I’m happy about Halloween stuff in July…