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Bout of Books 11 – Mid-Readathon Update

Bout of Books

List? What List?

The Confabulist: A NovelI *did* foresee the problem.

When I first made my Bout of Books TBR list, I realized that all the books were physical ones. After a couple weeks of Clean Out Your E-Reader, I was actually looking forward to turning pages. My joints had other ideas. I decided I might as well read the next eARC on my list. I started The Broken Hours on Monday and finished it up today. A creepy read.

But, I won’t be getting back to my list. My library hold of The Confabulist became available. I’ve already started it.

I found out over the weekend that I was the winner of Insatiable Booksluts‘ Gone Reading giveaway! Somehow, I totally missed this. Actually, the month of August has been something of a haze… With my shopping spree I purchased a BookBax, a handy-dandy, book-holding device. I just got it today and I’m pretty impressed. It’s funny how much lighter a book seems when I don’t have to grip it to keep it open.
Bookbax:: The Ultimate Book, iPad, Kindle and Tablet Holder

Where Have I Been?

Unfortunately, I’ve been pretty worn out the last couple of days and it takes me a lot of energy to be social. Yesterday, I’ll admit, I skipped the Twitter chat in favor of watching Fool Us and getting some writing done. Hopefully, I’ll make the last chat on Saturday and get back into commenting.

Challenge! — Like This, Try This

The Broken HoursHosted by  Writing My Own Fairy Tale

You must recommend a book based on another book, movie, tv show, etc similar to this: “If you liked _____, you should try _____ because _____.”

I’m going to rec the book I just finished:

“If you liked M.R. James,
you should try The Broken Hours by Jacqueline Baker
because while this story involves H.P. Lovecraft is has the sort of quiet Earthly secrets I associate more with James.”