What Else In August


Writing Work & Other Life Stuff

inNeedColor0Title1Author1August was a fairly miserable month. After a pretty good first week, it was just continuous low-grade stress.

And I had written three paragraphs whining about stuff, but I’m tired of listening to me. If I’m annoyed with me, I imagine that none of you really want to hear my kvetching. Instead, I’ll say that September will be better.

Writing-wise? Eric kicked my ass and got a better month out of me that months previous, but I’m still having problems getting things done. I’m trying to do better with energy-management. I’m cutting back on a lot of internet things that zap me. Eric created a mock-up of the probable future cover of In Need Of Luck. I like it.

3 thoughts on “What Else In August

  1. Jay

    I didn’t particularly shine in august either. I’ve vowed September will be different, and am already taking steps to make it so. I’m confident you will do the same. 🙂


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