R.I.P. IX Update #2 ~ Three Perilous Tales


A quick round-up of three perilous tales that I recently read during my trip to Omaha a couple of weekends ago.

“A Burden that Burns” by Tim Prasil – The fifth of the free Vera Van Slyke mysteries, “The Burden that Burns” furthers the characters of Vera and Lida and is somewhat grander in scope than previous stories. It also introduces readers to the advertisement “Help for the Haunted,” the title of the forthcoming anthology. Vera and Lida investigate the property that repeatedly catches on fire. What has caused this pyromaniacal haunting? “A Burden that Burns” is currently still available at Tim Prasil’s site.

Witch's Bone“Between the Darkness and the Dawn” by Paula Cappa – A ghost hunter with a rather unique psychic sensitivity visits Nathanial Hawthorne’s Old Manse and witnesses the melancholic inspiration of one of the author’s tales. This story has a bit of a long wind up. I kind of felt like it could be part of a series of other stories. Still, a good read for R.I.P. “Between the Darkness and the Dawn” is available at Whistling Shade.

“The Witch’s Bone” by W. M. Hager & Cassidy Werner – “The Witch’s Bone” is a nicely constructed tale of witchery with, as far as I can tell, a unique element. This story is the telling of a tale and a lesson that a folklore skeptic cannot walk away from. Available at Amazon.

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