R.I.P. IX Update #3 ~ More Peril on the Screen

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Gone Girl has been pretty big at the box office this October. I haven’t seen it yet, but I did inadvertently watch two movies with Gone Girl connections:
Zodiac (2007) is one of my Top 10 favorite movies. Top 5 depending on the week. Zodiac is about the less-than-successful investigation of the eponymous serial killer in 1970s San Francisco. It mostly involves police and newspaper men talking to each other about what information they do not have. Despite this–or maybe in light of the helplessness of the characters–there are some wonderfully tense and menacing scenes in Zodiac. It’s also visually beautiful.  Connection: director David Fincher.

Hollywoodland (2006) – Call me crazy, but I like Ben Affleck. I’ve liked him ever since I saw Chasing Amy. Here, Affleck puts in a really nice performance as George Reeves, the man who played Superman in the 1950s. Reeves died mysteriously, and Hollywoodland offers a few theories about his death against the backdrop of a down-on-his-luck private detective played by Adrian Brody. Connection: Ben Affleck.

(Did you know that Ben Affleck has won every Oscar he’s been nominated for? The number is two and neither have been for acting.)

4 thoughts on “R.I.P. IX Update #3 ~ More Peril on the Screen

  1. avantaknits

    My husband and I really liked Zodiac. Haven’t heard of Hollywoodland, but now that I know Adrian Brody’s in it, I’ll put it on our list. (I always heard George Reeves committed suicide. Not true?)

  2. fence

    I saw Zodiac when it came out in the cinema, and while I thought it was a very good film I haven’t ever felt the need to rewatch it. Until now, for the past couple of months it seems to be popping up in loads of places and I think I need a refresher.

    I too am a Ben Affleck fan. He is very good in Gone Girl, and the films he has been involved in behind the camera have been well worth watching. I’m still not all that interested in his Batman film but more because of what I’ve heard about the plot rather than because of the Affleck factor.


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