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Deal Me In, Week 44 ~ “Snow”


Hosted by Jay @ Bibliophilopolis

“Snow” by David Copperfield

Card picked: Ace of Clubs

From: David Copperfield’s Tales of the Impossible

Review: A sentimental tale about a boy, his grandparents, and the very simple illusion of snow. It somehow avoids being schmaltzy.

About the Author: That’s a pretty short review, but it was a pretty short story. David Copperfield? He’s not known for being world’s greatest writer, but I appreciate that he put a little something of himself in these anthologies. There are certain kinds of “vanity” projects that I actually really respect. Those are the projects that are kind of outside a celebrity’s usual milieu, but really are something that the celebrity is interested in. With only a handful of stories left in the two Copperfield anthologies, it seems to me that David Copperfield is genuinely interested in speculative fiction and was willing to bank some of his credibility to maybe get a reader or two more into the genre. I can get behind that.

Is This Your Card?

A trick from Copperfield’s Las Vegas Strip neighbors.