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What Else in 2014


Writing Work

Obviously, the big thing that Eric and I did in 2014 was deciding to self-publish all of our books. We had published Lucinda at the Window and Model Species at the end of 2013, as a sort of experiment, with the intention to adding Divine Fire (the second Weordan book) in 2014. But, the more we thought about it, the more self-publishing PHYSIC and Luck for Hire began to make more sense. Our books are not exactly mainstream and it feels like traditional publishing isn’t willing to take too many chances.

I’ll admit, it took me quite a while to get on this boat. I’ve been pursuing the publishing dream for longer than self-publishing was a real option. It’s hard to undo a decades-old attitude. Are we now mega-uber-best-sellers? Er, no. We *have* had over 10,000 downloads (between Amazon and Smashwords), made some sales, and gotten a few reviews. As I’ve said before, these are better results than the first decade and a half of my publishing career. My books are in the world, and maybe occasionally getting read.

Looking forward, the sequel to PHYSIC will be published by the summer (probably sooner) and the next Aleister Luck book later in the year. Eric and I are still working on the marketing side of things. He’s the planner, I’m the implementer, and hopefully the game won’t change so fast that we can’t keep up.

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Coming in 2015!

Other Life Stuff

Otherwise, 2014 was a pretty quiet year. We played a good amount of ultimate frisbee and took short trips to San Diego and Omaha. The thing I learned in the past year is that I need to jealously guard my energy reserves. My health is occasionally tricky and sometimes fatigue knocks me for a loop. It’s important that I do more when I can, but not overextend on less important things. Even fun can be exhausting.