Writerly Writing – Update #1

  • Monday: I chopped/rewrote ~850; managed to come out slightly positive on net words written.
  • Tuesday: As planned. 300 before noon, a couple hundred more in the afternoon. Had ultimate frisbee league game in the evening.
  • Wednesday: Spent some time going over notes and still had 500 done before going out to play ultimate at noon. Couple hundred more in the evening.
  • Thursday: Had an arthritis flare-up. Eked out 500 for the day. I really wanted to hit 2K for the week on Thursday, but couldn’t get around the brain fog.
  • Friday:  As planned, with ultimate frisbee at noon.
  • Saturday: The only day I didn’t revisit the manuscript after writing 319 before noon. Was just banging my head on it and wanted to goof off for the rest of the day. So I did.
  • Today: Over 700 before noon. I probably won’t write more today since I have a few things to take care of and some entertainment planned for this evening.

Total: 3533 net.

The real test will be if I can do it again (and again, and better). I have a pretty good history of making a plan work for a week.

For this week: There’s a scene I need to rewrite. I’ll probably dive into that on Monday. Mondays are usually my most productive days and going negative on Monday gives me the rest of the week to catch up.




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