Writerly Writing ~ Update #3

What a crappy, backsliding week.

This past week, I didn’t Write First or Write Again. Therefore, 3000 words did not get written.

I managed 1354. Which wasn’t the worst week in February even though it had two days of no words written.

I could blame lack of sleep. I’ve been in one of those bad sleep stretches which hasn’t been helped by my noisy neighbors. I could blame having other work to do. I’ve been reading through Eric’s first completed draft of PHYSICa. I could blame a bad mood, but my bad mood was probably a result of not getting much done. (For example, I sat down this morning to write, banged out 500+ words, and I feel much better about the world.) I need to work on getting out of my funk more quickly.

This morning was pretty good. A nice reset before Monday.