What Else in February


What Else Did I Read?

Wow, the only non-Deal Me In/Gothic Reading Challenge short story that I read in February was Ray Bradbury’s “The Burning Man.” With its dust and sun, it was a nice contrast to winter weather, even Arizona winter weather. Jay @ Bibliophilopolis read it for his Lunar Extra and, since I have that anthology, I figured I’d give it a read too.

It was a pretty light reading month all in all. Due to more writing? I suppose, maybe.

Writing Work

With weekly updates, no need to rehash what I’m writing on a monthly basis!

Other Life Stuff

From the perspective of January 26th, it seemed like the first of February was going to be a very busy day. New Year Fest was scheduled for that weekend and Eric & I were invited to a Superbowl party for the afternoon. For me, that would have been a lot of people in one day. Sadly/happily, New Year Fest was rained out and, instead, I enjoyed a nice low-key party amid people I like and haven’t seen much of lately.

In other disc news, Spring League is well under way. I like my team. We play well when we play well. The season is somewhat abbreviated which is a shame.

The other thing taking my time is a Python class via Coursera. The title of the course is Programming for Everybody. It’s pretty low level. The first four weeks have been easy; we’ll see how the rest goes.

2 thoughts on “What Else in February

  1. Ray Bradbury’s the best, but I haven’t read The Burning Man! I’m taking a science fiction course right now and I’m very shocked that there’s no Bradbury assigned at all.
    I hope your programming course goes well! It can be a lot of fun.

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