Writerly Writer ~ Update 5

TL,DR: I’m a putz. I need to be more like George Clooney.

I’ve still really been struggling with motivation. What makes today different than ten years ago when I’d sit down and bang out 1000+ words a day? Well, the intervening ten years, for one thing. I’m a pretty hidebound person; going the the self-publishing route has been a change that’s been difficult for me to take. There are also matters of ego. *I* want to be the writer of *all* the things with no help from Eric. Even though we put out better novels together than apart. And I’ve gotten used to better novels. There are also other things. Things that I decided to misconstrue about what’s going on which I won’t get into.

I’ll be honest, I’ve been treating In Need of Luck like it’s just necessary work. Like it’s just the ketchup variation we want to get on the shelf so we might take a little space from Heinz and maybe get noticed. And that’s unfair to the novel. It’s unfair to Eric.

Eric and I made a deal this week. When I finish In Need of Luck, we’ll give the Abbott project another shot. We’ll sit down and brainstorm, both of us. If we come up with a kernel that works, I’ll write it. If not, I go on to whatever is next in the writing queue, maybe another Luck book, maybe the something else. Who knows?

It occurs to me that I need to be more like George Clooney. If there’s a real quote, I can’t find it now, but I recall that George Clooney has said that he does one for the studio and one for himself. Basically, for every Ocean’s movie, he has the ability to do an indie project. Now, I’m not saying I deserve cake for every carrot. What I want to remind myself of is that his Ocean’s movies are still good. Okay, they vary, but you get my drift. He’s doing a good job even when he’s doing the one for the studio. He’s making the most of the opportunity. It’s a shame when I don’t.

This week: Just shy of 1500 as of the writing of this. I need to do a rewrite. I don’t finish a first draft before editing. Stories are too malleable for that. There are some scenes I need to reframe and some I need to rewrite. So, rewriting, here I come.


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