Writerly Writing ~ Update 7

Pretty decent week in the land of rewriting-what-I-got. The toughest part was an action scene in the first half of the book. I hate action scenes. If I had my way my novels would consist of characters having skirmishes of wit over lunch. I’m down to less than 20K left, although I did realize this morning that the last 20K included a scene I wanted to reframe from a different character’s perspective. My deadline is Tuesday because…

I’m going to do camp NaNoWriMo in April with a goal of 30K words. That means, 1000 words per day starting April 1st. I’m also going to do a Round of Words in 80 Days again, starting next week when the next round begins. I’m already doing a Sunday update here and will probably start doing a quicky Wednesday update too.

You see, Eric and I had a talk this week about where we’re headed. His goals, his “where I want to be in a year,” are all based around the things he wants to finish. My goals had become entangled with notions of publishing and legitimacy and were being darkened by this shadow of disappointment. See, I’ve had it pretty easy in my life; I’m really terribly bad at dealing with setbacks, especially ones I can’t just dodge around. So, the question became: What do *I* want to get done in the next year? I’ll proclaim my solidly vague goals next week, but mostly, I just want to be a *writer* again.


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