What Else in March


Short Stories

March was a really slow reading month. It took me all month to finish one very meager book. In the meantime, my TBR list of online short stories continues to grow. I did manage to fit two in:

“Gallery” by KJ Kabza – a flash piece from Daily Science Fiction. “I bring back photos of my dreams,” it begins. How can you not click through to read the rest?

I also couldn’t resist a magician story from Annie Neugebauer called “Zanders the Magnificent.” It’s an intriguing take on a magic secret.

Other Life Stuff

I don’t know where March went. It was here and then it was gone.

Basketball season has ended. Nebraska had a pretty bad losing streak at the end and Arizona was knocked out the tournament in the Elite Eight. At this point, I hope Michigan State wins it all.

My ultimate disc league team isn’t doing much better than Nebraska’s basketball team. We beat Eric’s team, but that’s pretty much our only achievement. But that’s okay. It’s been a fun team.

The high point of March was going out for St. Patrick’s Day. That was a first for me. Usually, I stay in, have a Guinness, and listed to some Celtic music. This year, Tyler was in town and we got together with him, Casey, Reif, Nicole, and Jeff. in an evening that included getting overlooked for a table at the pub, ditching the table when we did get it, going to the seafood place next door which was quieter, and then ending up back at pub for a last pint. I drank…too much.

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