ROW 80 ~ Sunday Update, 4/12


Had a good Wednesday, followed by a brain-fog Thursday. Had a good Friday, followed by a goof-off Saturday. Brain fog sucks. Since the beginning of April, I’ve had two “goof-off” days and still wrote 500 words on those days. On Thursday, I managed 47 words. I’ve written 10K in April, which means I’m behind, but not yet unfixably behind.

After my update on Wednesday, I added a few more goals. Some of them are things that were in the “no due date” section of my Todoist and some were inspired by reading other ROWer’s goals. I’ve resisted adding reading/blogging/education/exercise goals mainly because I want ROW80 to help me focus on writing. Those other categories are pretty easy for me to keep up with.


  • Writing
    • 1000 words/day average on In Need of Luck in April or until done. – Averaging 922.
    • New! Daily free write. – Added on Wednesday; wrote Thus, Fri, and this morning.
    • New! For May/June – Scene rewrites for PHYSICa.
    • New! For May/June – Transcribe free write bits that might be useful to Abbott project.
  • Reading, related to writing
    • Finish reading River City Empire (related to next possible writing project) by the end of April. – Starting on 114/326.
    • New! For May/June – The Call of Stories by Robert Coles
  • Publishing
    • New descriptions/categories/tags for Weordan books. (April 15th) – Need to get this done Monday/Tuesday.
    • Brainstorm alternate tags for books already published. – No movement.
    • New! List of reviewer contacts. – No movement.

ROW80LogocopyROW 80 is a blog hop!

Please, check out how other Round of Words participants are doing with their goals.

4 thoughts on “ROW 80 ~ Sunday Update, 4/12

  1. Elizabeth Anne Mitchell

    These goals look great. I hate brain fog, too. There are days like that, and I have to fight to get past them. It’s good that you don’t beat yourself up about it. All the best for this Round.

    1. Katherine Nabity Post author

      I’m trying to be kinder to myself when it’s the physical ailment that’s the problem. The thing I’m really working on is doing more when I feel good–that one’s the trick. 😉

  2. sylviekdrew

    I agree. The hardest thing about brain fog is letting everyday be a new opportunity. I often beat myself up for having an off day, rather than pumping myself up for the possibility of a new one. Glad to see you’re not losing your motivation!

  3. Eden

    Brain fog happens… one of the good things about challenges like the ROW80 is that you learn processes for dealing with the fog and the fall-out when it does strike. It sounds like you still had a lot of success despite the fog with your goals. Keep up the pace where you can, forgive yourself and move on when you can’t.


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