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Review ~ Who is Magic Babe Ning?

Cover via Goodreads

Who is Magic Babe Ning? by Ning Cai

Asia’s top female celebrity magician ‘Magic Babe’ Ning talks about her 10 years in the tough world of magic showbiz; an age-old industry traditionally dominated by men.

Experience the real life adventures of this multi award-winning, world magic record-breaking, jet-setting illusionist as she unmasks the Magic Babe. Ning reveals how the shy teenage girl transformed herself into magic’s wild child and became a 2-time FHM cover girl, embraced by international media and respected by professional peers worldwide.

Ning shares for the first time her journey of quirks and struggles, betrayals and disappointments, fears and personal demons. She speaks candidly of her cancer scare at 21, which physically scarred her face but also changed the entire course of her life. (via Goodreads)

The best memoirs are by people who have lived out-of-the-ordinary lives. Ning Cai would qualify. In her 20s, she became the most famous female magician in Singapore. She set records, started businesses, and even co-wrote a travel book. She and partner J C Sum specialized in mega-illusions and endurance tests. And at the undisclosed age of probably early 30s-ish, she retired from the world of magic.

Who is Magic Babe Ning? is very much Ning’s own exploration of who she is. In Robert-Houdin style, “Magic Babe” is a construct she created to play the part of Magic Babe Ning. “Magic Babe” is a sexy, risk-taker while Ning is the quiet nerd with a distinctly spiritual side. I would say that her want to emphasize how normal she is probably keeps this book from being a truly great memoir, though my expectations for the book might have been a little off. This isn’t a grand tale of magic or even the modern magic industry. Some of that’s there, but it take a backseat to the explorations of a young woman who has been given some extraordinary opportunities.

And that’s the best thing about Who Is Magic Babe Ning?. It takes a certain amount of courage to re-evaluate what’s happening in life and take a different course if needed. That’s a great lesson for anyone.

Publishing info, my copy: Marshall Cavendish, 2015, trade paperback
Acquired: Amazon
Genre: Memoir


Writer, publisher. Hobbies include reading, studying magic & illusions from a historical/theoretical perspective, and playing ultimate frisbee.

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