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ROW 80 ~ Wednesday Update, 4/15


During my hiatus from writer discussions, I threw myself into book blogging. I do love reading and occasionally I like writing about reading. Hence, you know, the current blog title. One of my favorite book blogging activities is the readathon. They range in size from Dewey’s 24-hour Readathon (which is next Saturday!) to week long events like Bout of Books. Usually, readers set a goal, make a list of books they want to read, and go at it. A thing that I find perplexing about readathons is when readers start complain that they are “failing” the readathon just because they haven’t quite kept the pace they wanted. It’s supposed to be a fun event and, as long as you’re reading some pages, how is it failing? A few Bouts of Books ago, Amanda and Kelly came up with a warcry to counter this negativity: Flailing, not failing.

The only way I’m going to fail as a writer is by not writing. Sure, I want to have a good output, but not exactly hitting my goals all the time? That’s flailing, not failing. I flailed this past weekend. I played too much Minecraft. Eric and I (and our friend Chris) haven’t done anything fun together in a while. Monday was pretty meh as well. All together, I’ve written 2055 since last update.

I did, on Sunday, finish up my online Python course which I expected to last until the 28th. It’s nice to have one thing out of the way. I’m also going to cut back on blogging a little. My planned schedule is now Sun/Wed ROW 80 updates, review on Tuesday, Deal Me In on Saturday. Or something like that.


  • Writing
    • 1000 words/day average on In Need of Luck in April or until done. – Averaging 871, not including what I’ve done today.
    • Daily free write. – Wrote Tuesday and this morning. Added it to my Todoist, because it isn’t habit yet.
    • For May/June – Scene rewrites for PHYSICa.
    • For May/June – Transcribe free write bits that might be useful to Abbott project.
  • Reading, related to writing
    • Finish reading River City Empire (related to next possible writing project) by the end of April. – No movement, because I went to the library. I’m flaky when it comes to books.
    • For May/June – The Call of Stories by Robert Coles
  • Publishing
    • New descriptions/categories/tags for Weordan books. (April 15th) – No movement. Eric and I need to pow-wow about this today.
    • Brainstorm alternate tags for books already published. – I’ve made a spreadsheet of current categories and tags.
    • List of reviewer contacts. – No movement.

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