Dewey’s Readathon, Spring 2015

Once again, playoffs and finals for my ultimate frisbee league are the same weekend as Dewey’s Readathon. Two of my favorite activities, both on the same day! This season, at least, games don’t start until 4pm. Readathon start time for me is 5am, so I figure I can get 10-ish hours of reading in before the tournament.

For my reading “stack,” I think I’m going read a bit of Tim Prasil’s Help for the Haunted (maybe even finish it!) and catch up on some short works:


7 thoughts on “Dewey’s Readathon, Spring 2015

  1. Once again, my local bar that I habitually go on Saturdays to will be open on the same Saturday as the read-a-thon! 🙂 Maybe I’ll start my read-a-thon day early too, so I can still go at my regularly scheduled time. Hey, I can even take my iPhone and get some reading done at the bar on my kindle app between games of Buzztime trivia.

    But seriously, I have plans to do the read-a-thon also, though perhaps not officially. I’ll get a couple short stories knocked out and hopefully finish the novel “Beautiful Ruins” by Jess Walter. (book club meeting on 5/1 for that one) and maybe even get back to Ben-Hur, which is looming for a different book club meeting on 5/14. It’s a 550-pager and I’m starting to get worried a little.

    Maybe I’ll revisit The Yellow Wallpaper for the fourth(?) time too since others are reading it. I included it in DMI once, maybe in the inaugural year.

    I picked up a couple non-fiction books at an event at the Indiana Historical Bureau last week that I’d like to take a peek at too.

    I’d like to get a total of over 300 pages read (that’s a lot for a slow reader like me) Saturday.

    Good luck with your reading and your Ultimate Frisbeeing!

    1. I went back and forth on whether I wanted to be “official” or not. The last time I didn’t, I kicked myself later. I’m also hoping to get to a couple specfic stories I have bookmarked, but I’m a slow reader too.

      Ben Hur is one of those books that I always forget is a book. 😉

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