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ROW 80 ~ Sunday Update, May 31st



  • Finish In Need of Luck
    • Finish chapters in progress. Right wrongs. Let’s say, min. 500 words/day. – Averaged 500 daily Monday-Saturday (minus Tuesday).
    • Talk with Eric about remaining chapters. – Still haven’t yet.
  • For May/June – Scene rewrites for PHYSICa.
  • Abbott Project
    • Organize notes / Transcribe free write bits that might be useful to Abbott project. – I’ve done all that I’m going to do on this. Notes are collected and I’ve started a new notebook with plot ideas and prompts for free writes.
    • Only one research day weekly – That was Tuesday (the 26th).
  • Daily free write. – Wrote Weds -Sat. Sense of place is something I enjoy a lot while reading. This goes beyond “setting.” Sense of place takes me there. I’ve known this for a long while, but I really re-realized it while reading Michael Pronko’s Beauty and Chaos. I want to work on sense of place in my free writes, with an eye toward the Abbott Project.

Reading, related to writing

  • Maps and Legends: Reading and Writing Along the Borderlands by Michael Chabon. – Finished! Probably will have a review this week or next, depending on when I finish the Pronko book.
  • For May/June – The Call of Stories by Robert Coles. – This might come off the list/get replaced depending on how Estella Project picks work out. My yen to reread it has definitely faded.


  • Look for new promo options. – Still working my way through the Big List I found. It’s a really big list. I don’t know about Google+ communities. I’m really bad at jumping in and keeping up.
  • – Better mobile design. – No further movement. I’ll probably work on it a little today as part of Sunday “internet maintenance.”
  • – Add excerpts. – No movement until I get redesign done.

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