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Deal Me In, Lunar Extra ~ “Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been?”


Hosted by Jay @ Bibliophilopolis

“Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been?” by Joyce Carol Oates

Card picked: A Five

From: Online at Celestial Timepiece via Paula Cappa’s blog

Thoughts: So, I was on a dusty soccer field last night at about a quarter to eight, one of six other ultimate disc players standing on the line and waiting for the pull, when one of my teammates pointed out the large, orange moon on the horizon, and I thought to myself, “I was supposed to read a Deal Me In story today…” Since I drew my cards on Saturday, I knew it was a good one too! How could I have forgotten? Well, it was due to an all-consuming bout of web design…

This morning, contrite, I read “Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been?”, a rather acclaimed story by Joyce Carol Oates. I remember a fellow Deal Me In reader reviewing this story earlier in the year and some discussion of ambiguity–and there is certainly some that going on.

I’m inclined, against my better judgement about such things, to give it a feminist reading. Connie is a pretty 15 year-old girl. Like most teenagers, she sort of hates her family, especially her goody-two-shoes older sister. She goes to the mall with her friends and occasionally goes to the burger joint across from the mall. She flirts with boys and has definitely discovered that they are interested in her. She likes rock music. And, honestly, it all seems pretty innocent. Which is why, when a bad-boy type shows up at her door while she’s home alone, I’m ready to say, “Ah, this is about a girl being punished for not realizing what she’s doing as she asserts her sexuality.” But Oates, in JCO fashion, veers left of even how frightening even *that* situation might be for Connie. Arnold Friend, the creepy bad-boy, has perfect knowledge of Connie’s situation, a sort of malleable face, and isn’t quite right. Is he meant to stand for everything bad that can happen to a young girl? The trick that Oates pulls off in this story (with a shout out to Short Story Magic Tricks) is that this escalation doesn’t take anything away from the unease of watching things play out between Connie and Arnold, but we’re also not in a straight-up home invasion horror movie either.

Previously: I like Joyce Carol Oates more every time I read something by her, and it’s an appreciation that I think has come with age. I’ll have to read one of her novels one of these days.

ROW 80 ~ Wednesday Update, June 3rd


I am behind on *everything*.

But I did finish EntangledContinua’s mobile-friendly redesign. I ended up using Bootstrap which provides a really nice end product. I find it very easy to become wrapped up in the web/programming projects. (My Python class has been giving me fits…)


  • Finish In Need of Luck
    • Finish chapters in progress. Right wrongs. Let’s say, min. 500 words/day. – Ended up having to rewrite part of my outline Sunday night. No writing on Monday & Tuesday because I got focused on the website.
    • Talk with Eric about remaining chapters. – Still haven’t yet.
  • For May/June – Scene rewrites for PHYSICa.
  • Abbott Project
    • Organize notes / Transcribe free write bits that might be useful to Abbott project. – Done
    • Only one research day weekly – (Probably won’t happen this week.)
  • Daily free write. – Haven’t even done my free writing since Sunday.

Reading, related to writing

  • Maps and Legends: Reading and Writing Along the Borderlands by Michael Chabon.Finished! I still haven’t reviewed it.
  • Replacement: The Victorian Internet by Tom Standage (Abbott Project related) – Haven’t started it yet.


  • Look for new promo options. – Actually did do a little of this on Monday.
  • EntangledContinua.com – Better mobile design.DONE!
  • EntangledContinua.com – Add excerpts.And I rolled this into my redesign.

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