#ROW80 ~ Wednesday Update, June 10th



  • Abbott Project
    • 1000 words daily. – 116 on Sunday (ended up being mostly a research day), 1012 on Monday, 1014 on Tuesday. So far, so good.
    • Figure out what images I have that are free, clear, unattached public domain. – No movement.
    • Research (The goal here should be not spending ALL my time on the research.) – It’s tough when I have newspapers of the period…
  • Daily free write. – Wrote Sun. Mon. and Tues.

Reading, related to writing

  • The Victorian Internet by Tom Standage (Abbott Project related)
  • Or, Linking Rings: William W. Durbin and the Magic and Mystery of America by James David Robenalt (Abbott Project related) – Read a few pages Monday.


  • Look for new promo options. / Finish the BIG List and evaluate new venues by the 20th when I run my next promo. – Still working on it.

ROW80LogocopyROW 80 is a blog hop!

Please, check out how other Round of Words participants are doing with their goals.

3 thoughts on “#ROW80 ~ Wednesday Update, June 10th

  1. Denise D. Young

    I think 1K words per day is the perfect goal. That’s what I aim for (although I take weekends off) and you can make a lot of steady progress that way. Good luck with the rest of round two!


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