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#ROW80 ~Sunday Update, 6/21

Since I’m out of town when this round ends, I’m going to look back today on what I’ve done in the past 70-odd days.

Goals and Progress

(My writing progress isn’t where I’d like it to be, but it’s better than it has been.)

In Need of Luck

  • Added 18,829 words, but still have not finished it.
  • Outlined chapters, read review notes. Still don’t know how to pull off the ending.

Abbott Project

  • Finished reading River City Empire & On the River, Down Where They Found Willy Brown, started The Victorian Internet, which are all more or less research.
  • Started writing on newest version of this project. As of the moment of this writing, I’ve written 7505 words on it. I’d like to hit 10K before heading to San Diego on Wednesday.
  • Have spent (too much) time researching.

Daily Free Writing – Still not a habit.

PHYSICa – Didn’t get to the couple of scenes/epigraphs that might need my touch.


(The jiggery-pokery end of publishing is where I’ve spent a lot of time, including a redesign of our webpages.)

  • Added new descriptions and tags to published works.
  • Sourced a list of reviewers who had left reviews for us, found that it probably wasn’t a very helpful list, and I realized that I’ve subsequently lost that list in one of the recent computer hiccups.
  • Fixed the multi-author problems at Smashwords.
  • Sourced new promo options.
  • Redesigned Entangled Continua and added excerpts.

Other Writing Related Reading

(Reading goals? Why do I set them? Reader gonna read.)

Read Maps and Legends by Michael Chabon. Given the discussion of the Sherlock Holmes canon from a storytelling point of, it was rather helpful.

Personal Growth

Started the next set of Python classes, but didn’t do the informatics project I planned.


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