Deal Me In Lunar Extra ~ “When it Ends, He Catches Her”


Hosted by Jay @ Bibliophilopolis

This is a Lunar Extra edition! I’ve picked a card on each full moon and read the corresponding dark fiction story written by a female author.

“When it Ends, He Catches Her” by Eugie Foster

Card picked: A deuce, and deuces are WILD!

From: Available online on Daily Science Fiction

Thoughts: Eugie Foster is one of my favorite spec-fic short story authors. Her writing is beautiful and she often approached stories from a fable/fairy tale angle, which I’m a sucker for. “When it Ends, He Catches Her” is a story outside of that purview, but blends the arts, in this case ballet, with a dystopian zombie-filled future. Not my thing, but it’s a small dose and well done. Aisa, once a prima ballerina, dances when she can with no audience and only to the music in her head until her partner Balege returns and changes her world.

About the Author: Eugie Foster was one of the first people I knew on the internet. That sounds odd, but it was a long time ago, on LiveJournal, and the internet was a smaller place. I loved seeing her stories get published because she was so good. Eugie died in 2014 at age 42 after a year of being treated for cancer. Each story of hers that I haven’t yet read will only be new once. I’m at a loss on how to properly savor each one.

2 thoughts on “Deal Me In Lunar Extra ~ “When it Ends, He Catches Her”

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  2. Jay

    I hadn’t heard of this author before but now look forward to investigating her. I’ve gained a little experience with Spec-Fic since I started blogging. Some of the local stuff I’ve read has, frankly, not been that great though. I love the imaginative possibilities of the genre though.


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