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Deal Me In, Week 27 ~ “The Tale of Gray Dick”


Hosted by Jay @ Bibliophilopolis

“The Tale of Gray Dick”  by Stephen King

Card picked: Ten of Clubs

From: Thrilling Tales, edited by Michael Chabon

Thoughts: So, I spent last Saturday playing ultimate frisbee. If you’re not familiar with the sport, it’s played with a 175gm plastic disc which is thrown in several different ways in hopes of your receiver catching it. Surprisingly, this week’s Thrilling Tale has a disc throwing connection, kinda-sorta.

The Tale of Gray Dick is an illustrative legend within this short story. Gray Dick is an outlaw. After he murders the father of Lady Oriza, she invites him to dinner. To assure him that no foul play is intended, she offers to have dinner with him alone, naked, and to stay at her end of the table. Since she’s a rather good looking woman, Gray Dick agrees. He’s arrogant enough to not consider sharpened tableware as a possible weapon. Lady Oriza beheads him by throwing a bladed plate.

And so begins the Sisters of Oriza, a group of women who band together to quilt, cook, gossip, and throw the plate. They are a part of Stephen King’s Dark Tower world, which I know absolutely nothing about. This story touches on Margaret Eisenhart, an outcast from her native people, who can throw the plate, but also rightly fears the need.

About the Author: I’ve read Stephen King here and there, but I haven’t delved into his Dark Tower series. Probably because I like King best when he’s working on a smaller canvas. With “The Tale of Gray Dick,” I didn’t worry about references I didn’t understand. I just went with it.

Other: Not surprisingly, the University of New Hampshire’s women’s ultimate team is known as Sister of Oriza. Considering the fairly geeky nature of ultimate, I would have been disappointed if a team hadn’t claimed that name.

If you’ve gotten this far, you may have googled ultimate frisbee videos and thought, “Jeeze, Katherine does *that*?” No, not really. The video below is from our local recreational league, from six years ago. My team in white is near the end, but these are the people I play with and against all the time. It’s a little slower and a little messier than most ultimate you might find online.

(In fact, at 29:05 you can see me in strippy socks and a hat. I dump the disc to Dave Abdoo who throws a perfect forehand to me in the end zone. Glory! Of course, I get scored on the very next point…)