#ROW80 ~ Round 3 Goals

I’m going to do a few things differently this round after looking back at round two. First, eighty days is actually way too long for me to plan anything out. I don’t do well with that chunk of time. I’m going to try weekly goals with an eye toward where I want to be at the end of the round. Second, I’m skipping Wednesday check-ins. My “work week” starts on Monday; by Wednesday, the ball’s barely rolling and the check-in feels like an unnecessary detour in the flow of things. I’ll still pop around to other ROW80 blogs, but I won’t have a post myself.


Writing I plan on continuing with One Ahead (the Abbott Project) during this round. I reached the 10K on it in June before our trip to San Diego. It’s going pretty well, but I decided I needed to start the story differently. I’ve spent the last couple of days writing a new first chapter and I’ll need to meld the third chapter with what was the first chapter. I’d like to get that sorted out and add another at another 15K before our trip to Colorado later in the month. It should be a novella length work. My pie-in-the-sky goal is to have it ready for publication by October.

  • Goal for today: I set a goal earlier in the week for +3K by end-of-day today. I’m 600 away.
  • Goal for this week: +5K minimum. (I want my total to be 18,000 by eod Friday. But I’ll settle for that by Sunday.)


  • Model Species promotion is set for next weekend.
  • Despite the latest Amazon kerfuffle, we’ve added The Martian Engineer’s Notebook series to KDP Select. We need to plan for a promo when it’s possible.

Complicating Factors in July A.k.a., what else do I have going on:

  • #24in48 Readathon is this coming weekend! I haven’t done a good super intense readathon in a while and I’m really looking forward to it. Obviously, I want to get my 5K in before then.
  • The second half of Intro to Interactive Python programming. Also starts next weekend.
  • EverQuest2’s new progression servers. Let’s be honest. This is going to take some of my time.
  • Trip to Aurora, CO late in the month.

ROW80LogocopyROW80, Round 3 begins on Monday, July 6th!

ROW80 is a blog hop. Visit other ROWers!


One thought on “#ROW80 ~ Round 3 Goals

  1. I like how you’ve defined early-on how you intend to use the ROWnd (a lot of people work on weekly goals with grand goals cast over the round as well). An idea if you don’t want to do a full Wednesday post (something I’ve been toying with for myself since, like you, I also tend to start my writing week on Mondays) is maybe a one-word or a picture-themed post that shows how you feel about your start of the work-week

    Whatever way you do it, good to see you back with us. 😀

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