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Summer Reading Update ~ Movie Edition


I’m appropriating Mondays for short reviews of my summer reads (I’m behind in reviewing all the books I’d like to review) and my weekly preview.

What I Read Last Week

Er… I *might* be in a little reading slump. Or maybe it’s “I just got back from vacation and I need a vacation” syndrome. But I haven’t finished anything lately. Or even made much progress.

What I have been doing is catching up on some movies I’ve missed.

Cake (2014) – Wow, I was sure that Jennifer Aniston had won more awards for her role in Cake. She plays a chronic pain sufferer who becomes obsessed with the suicide of a fellow support group member. As a person with pain problems, it’s a rough watch. Once again, I’m a little thankful that my pain has been a gradual process that I’ve been able to (mostly) adapt to and not sudden as the result of an accident, like the character’s.

Big Hero 6 (2014) – I enjoyed this more than most of the superhero movies I’ve seen lately. It has a lot of heart and humor and looks great.

The Babadook (2014) – I don’t know how much notice this movie has gotten outside of the horror community. It’s an Australian production, low-budget (as most horror movies are, relatively), but not low on quality film-making. The story is more than the usual monster and/or evil child tropes, opting for a much different angle. Great sound sound design.

Interstellar (2014) – This movie annoyed me. I was hoping that I could get around the dystopian beginning and enjoy some space travel, but no. Why are there no TVs and MRIs left on Earth, but we can manage a space colony orbiting Saturn? Why, while blight is destroying all crops, are we not turning to other food sources? (Cyanobacteria souffle, anyone?) Why do we assume that it would be easier to make another planet habitable rather than work with the one we have? This was not the movie for me.


What I’m Reading This Week

#24in48 is this weekend! I’m excited. Even if I am in a slump. I’m going to work on The Thirteenth Tale this week and on more horror short stories.