#ROW80 ~ July 12th Check-In



Between rewriting and having an unmotivated week, I didn’t get much forward progress. Did finish some research. My goal for this week is going to be the same as last week’s:

  • Add 5K minimum reach 18K on the Abbott Project. (Edit: This goal is changing to effectively be 20K on the manuscript before we go to Colorado/Nebraska.)


Ran Model Species promo yesterday. Downloads for all our promos have been pretty lack-luster lately. Martian Engineer’s got a few sales and page reads, so that’s cool. Probably won’t be planning any promos until we’re back from our trip.

Complicating Factors in July

A.k.a., what else do I have going on:

  • #24in48 Readathon is happening right now. I should be working, but instead I’m reading…
  • I dumped the second half of the Intro to Interactive class. July was looking just too busy. I’ll catch it in September.
  • EverQuest2’s new progression server opened in Beta this week. It ate time.
  • Our trip to Colorado later in the month will probably be extended to include our yearly Omaha trip. This is good. I don’t do well with interruptions of schedule and yet another trip in Sept/Oct was going to be that. It’s not a completely solid plan yet, but it’s likely.

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2 thoughts on “#ROW80 ~ July 12th Check-In

    1. Katherine Nabity Post author

      I am notoriously unproductive in the summer, so I guess I might as well get the busy things out of the way and have a relaxing but ass-kicking autumn. (That’s the hope at this point!)


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