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#ROW80 ~ July 22nd Check-In


I’m calling a mulligan on the beginning of this round.

Did I hit my 20K goal on the Abbott project? Not so much. July always sucks; too much heat and too much daylight.  My mood has been scattered. We were between trips and the two weeks of productivity I wanted never quite materialized.

Tomorrow, we’re headed to Denver for a weekend ultimate frisbee tournament, and then we’ll head to Omaha for a week or so. I’m not even going to pretend that I’ll get work done while I’m away, but here’s a few things that are work-appropriate that might happen:

  • Read The Rise of the Indian Rope Trick by Peter Lamont. I read Lamont and Wiseman’s excellent Magic in Theory a while back. I’m not sure I can have too much magic history.
  • Visit the Durham Museum.
  • Free write daily flash fiction pieces centered around separate magic tricks.

I imagine I’ll be back before the August 5th check-in and I plan on rededicating my goals then.

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