#ROW80 ~ July 22nd Check-In


I’m calling a mulligan on the beginning of this round.

Did I hit my 20K goal on the Abbott project? Not so much. July always sucks; too much heat and too much daylight.  My mood has been scattered. We were between trips and the two weeks of productivity I wanted never quite materialized.

Tomorrow, we’re headed to Denver for a weekend ultimate frisbee tournament, and then we’ll head to Omaha for a week or so. I’m not even going to pretend that I’ll get work done while I’m away, but here’s a few things that are work-appropriate that might happen:

  • Read The Rise of the Indian Rope Trick by Peter Lamont. I read Lamont and Wiseman’s excellent Magic in Theory a while back. I’m not sure I can have too much magic history.
  • Visit the Durham Museum.
  • Free write daily flash fiction pieces centered around separate magic tricks.

I imagine I’ll be back before the August 5th check-in and I plan on rededicating my goals then.

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1 thought on “#ROW80 ~ July 22nd Check-In

  1. Cindy Scott

    Hey, at least you are having fun and the writing will be waiting for you when you get back.

    It’s been hot, then cool, muggy and then rainy. The weather can’t make up it’s mind here. Last weekend was the not so productive weekend for me and trying to bounce back. Definitely hard to write when it is too hot!!

    Here’s to finding the rhythm in August!!


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