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Deal Me In, Week 31 ~ “Tedford and the Megalodon”


Hosted by Jay @ Bibliophilopolis

“Tedford and the Megalodon” by Jim Shepard

Card picked: Ace of Clubs

From: McSweeney’s Mammoth Treasury of Thrilling Tales

Thoughts: I have been looking forward to this story since I read the table of contents of this book. For title value alone, can you beat such a fuddy-duddy name like Tedford matched with the sheer sharky awesomeness of a megalodon? My only sadness is that I didn’t draw this story a month ago for Shark Week.

Jim Shepard is one of those modern literary authors that I am utterly unfamiliar with. This story is, not unexpectedly, more of a character sketch of Tedford, a not quite likeable anthropologist/naturalist, than an adventure story, but the writing here is really, really good. Tedford, after hearing rumors about a giant shark, goes in search of it. Before he sets out, he visits with another not really likeable scientist,ย  Heuvelmans, who goes on his ownย  search for the beast, never to be seen again. This is a bit of a theme, these men who seem to have nothing in their lives aside from this chance that they will discover something that will lead to their fame. The description of Tedford’s Antarctic exploration is beautiful and his tracking of the prehistoric shark in its icy habitat doesn’t lack in tension.