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#ROW80 ~ August 5th Update/Rededication


We returned from our trip late, late Monday night. Tuesday was burned on unpacking, semi-dealing with a few issues that had come up during our vacation, and seeking haven in a little EverQuest 2, the needed vacation after the vacation. Today, I intend to get back on the horse.

I had a short list of stuff that I going to think about doing while in Omaha. What did I get done?

  • Free write daily flash fiction pieces centered around separate magic tricks. – I wrote a little for 8 of the 10 segments I’d planned. I didn’t write on the Sunday when we traveled from Denver to Omaha or on the Wednesday we went to Lincoln. I don’t know what I’m going to do with these yet.
  • Read The Rise of the Indian Rope Trick by Peter Lamont. I read Lamont and Wiseman’s excellent Magic in Theory a while back. I’m not sure I can have too much magic history. – Read a few pages, but mostly read Eric’s current draft of PHYSICaL out-loud as he drove and Best Horror of the Year which I haven’t yet finished, but need to review.
  • Visit the Durham Museum. – Did this! I went with my parents even though they had just gone to the museum the week before. It was nice soaking up a little Omaha history. I even took a picture of a picture of a young Tom Dennison that I hadn’t seen before.

I bought a slew of books (okay, not that many but a lot for me these days) while in Nebraska, most of which pertain to the Abbott project and/or writing. This list makes me want to chuck my summer reading list and dive right in…

  • From Bluestem Books:
    • The Great Failure: A Bartender, A Monk, and My Unlikely Path to Truth by Natalie Goldberg
    • Barrelhouse Boys by Joel Williamsen
  • From A Novel Idea:
    • When I’m Dead All This Will Be Yours: Joe Teller – A Portrait By His Kid by Teller
  • From Jackson Street Booksellers:
    • Memoirs and Confessions of a Stage Magician by Donald Brandon, Joyce Brandon
    • Learned Pigs and Fireproof Women by Ricky Jay

ย Goals (Revised and Updated)

I need new goals for the last two-thirds-ish of round. For this week:

  • Wednesday: Finish my rewrite/note-taking on One Ahead. I had started writing in yWriter, but I don’t think I like it. So, I’ve changed to Word and am updating an Excel sheet with names and the timeline. This is a big chunk of work for today, but I should be able to get it mostly done.
  • Thursday and Friday: Add 850+ per day. That should get me to 16,000 on the manuscript by Saturday.
  • Saturday and Sunday: I haven’t decided whether I want to take weekends off. Maybe I’ll use S&S as slush days or to work on David P. Abbott and The Open Court, which is a collection David Abbott’s articles that I’m lightly editing and formatting as I read them. They’re in the public domain and I’d like to put them out as a freebie ebook.
  • Sunday: ROW80 update. By Sunday, I should have a better idea of what I need to do for the rest of the round.

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