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#ROW80 ~ August 9th Update


  • Wednesday: Finish my rewrite/note-taking on One Ahead.
    • Got within ten pages of finishing my reread. Switched over to writing. +200 words. Ended up doing some research on spiritualism in Iowa in the early 1900s.
    • Also set up our promo schedule for the next two months.
  • Thursday and Friday: Add 850+ per day. That should get me to 16,000 on the manuscript by Saturday.
    • *cough*
    • On Friday, I submited all the advanced promo stuff for Luck for Hire for next weekend.
  • Saturday and Sunday: I haven’t decided whether I want to take weekends off. Maybe I’ll use S&S as slush days or to work on David P. Abbott and The Open Court, which is a collection David Abbott’s articles that I’m lightly editing and formatting as I read them. They’re in the public domain and I’d like to put them out as a freebie ebook.
    • I got to 16K, but not until today. So, for this week, they were definitely slush days. Slush days are a procrastinators greatest ploy…
  • Sunday: ROW80 update. By Sunday, I should have a better idea of what I need to do for the rest of the round.
    • And here we are!


I have two partial scenes that are going to need rewriting, expanding, or exorcising. I plan on getting through them and to 20K by next Sunday’s update.

I goofed off quite a lot since Wednesday. I plan to use Habitica to help me “earn” my goof-off time.

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