#ROW80 ~ August 12th Update


I have two partial scenes that are going to need rewriting, expanding, or exorcising. I plan on getting through them and to 20K by next Sunday’s update.


When Chris headed to Ecuador, he left his old laptop with us. It’s slow, heavy, runs hot, and lacks a battery. I can coax it to run Firefox via a plugin wireless “card,” but it’s not a pleasant experience. It has no problems running Word and Excel and, surprisingly, Spotify. This makes it  an excellent diversion-free writing machine. I have it set up in my old office area, away from my speedy, two-monitor system. It’s nice not having the temptations social media, online games, or endless television. I’ve even been doing my free writing!

  • Monday: Word-count-wise, not a great day. I had opened fall league registration for our local ultimate frisbee organization and the first 24 hours of that requires some hand-holding as 200 people sign up. I also spent a stupid amount of time dealing with Century Link as I tried to get my broken service cancelled. I did clean up a scene, added details that I had skipped, and plus a 134 words.
  • Tuesday: Much better forward progress. I did more of the same and added 1006 words.

I still haven’t cut what I’m probably going to need to cut, and still have 3000 words to go for the week. But, I’m optimistic.

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5 thoughts on “#ROW80 ~ August 12th Update

  1. Kristen

    WIth that build-up, I was expecting to read about a laptop replacement, not “this laptop is perfect for writing!” Hmm… must think about dilapidated old machine currently languishing in the basement…

  2. starcatdreamer

    Sounds like you’re making good progress. A lot of folks seem to find a machine to write on that doesn’t have Internet access…seems like a smart idea. Have a productive rest of the week!

  3. Denise D. Young

    It’s amazing how much work we can get done when we don’t have social media, etc., to distract us. I stayed at my in-laws’ for a few weeks and they don’t have great Internet service, so I was mostly focused on writing, and man, was I productive. I need to find a way to replicate that productivity now that I’m back to having regular, high-speed Internet.

    Happy writing, Katherine! Good luck meeting your goal for the week.


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