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#ROW80 ~ August 23rd Update


Finish first draft of One Ahead‘s first story by September 1st. Considering that I haven’t put together a good week of writing since June, this seems like a lofty goal. But I’m in a good position story-wise and I think I can do it.


Somewhat took a week off of blogging last week and missed a couple of check-ins. I just needed a mini break.

You know how people, myself included, set summer reading lists? I decided, after dreaming about being back in college, to set a fall syllabus. It combines my writing schedule, my blogging schedule, what I’d like to read throughout the rest of the year, and the 2-3 online courses I’m going to take. Unfortunately, it didn’t include the work I need to do on the VOTS website that became suddenly necessary. Oh, well. That’s how the cookie crumbles. I’m a scene and 35% of The Turn of the Screw behind where I’d like to be.

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