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#ROW80 ~ September 6th Update

Update & Goals


Update: I finished the first draft of the first Abbott story on Monday/Tuesday and Eric read Tuesday/Wednesday. I have a pretty good idea of what I need to change/improve in the second draft. …But I haven’t gotten much work done on it yet. I did a little research for story #2 on Wednesday morning and then was sidetracked with a few Other Things.

Goal for the Week: Finish rewrites by end day Monday, Sept. 14th.


R.eaders I.mbibing P.eril X started on Tuesday! I have an ambitious reading/blogging plan:

Monday: Gothic September Readalong
Tuesday: Book Review
Friday: Peril on the Screen Update
Saturday: Deal Me In
Sunday: ROW80 Update

We’ll see how *that* goes.

Other Things

All of Fall League is sorted out. Teams are named and updated. The schedule is posted. Huzzah. Now, it’s all maintenance unless I want to work on the pages I haven’t converted.

So, the Python class I was taking online was giving me fits. I had started my Python adventure with a Programming for Everyone (PR4E) class through  the University of Michigan at the beginning of the year. Unfortunately, U of M only offered that class and, to continue my programming education, I decided to take an Intro to Interactive Programming class from Rice. Part 1 of Intro to Interactive was considerably more difficult than PR4E, but I managed. And then summer happened and I wasn’t able to take part 2 until now. I’d spent a goodly portion of Weds. and Thurs. on the quizzes and the week’s mini project and I was stressed. Programming is not for the person who has usually gotten by in mathematics and hard sciences on a combination of memorization and imitation. On Friday, U of M announced that they’d be expanding PR4E into a specialization track and adding another set of classes for web design.  They’re beginning in a couple weeks. I probably could have toughed out Intro to Interactive, pt. 2, but U of M’s classes are informatics aspected, which will probably be more useful to me than designing simple games, and I like the philosophy of the U of M classes better. …And I still feel like a coward for dumping Intro to Interactive, pt. 2…

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