#ROW80 ~ September 6th Update

Update & Goals


Update: I finished the first draft of the first Abbott story on Monday/Tuesday and Eric read Tuesday/Wednesday. I have a pretty good idea of what I need to change/improve in the second draft. …But I haven’t gotten much work done on it yet. I did a little research for story #2 on Wednesday morning and then was sidetracked with a few Other Things.

Goal for the Week: Finish rewrites by end day Monday, Sept. 14th.


R.eaders I.mbibing P.eril X started on Tuesday! I have an ambitious reading/blogging plan:

Monday: Gothic September Readalong
Tuesday: Book Review
Friday: Peril on the Screen Update
Saturday: Deal Me In
Sunday: ROW80 Update

We’ll see how *that* goes.

Other Things

All of Fall League is sorted out. Teams are named and updated. The schedule is posted. Huzzah. Now, it’s all maintenance unless I want to work on the pages I haven’t converted.

So, the Python class I was taking online was giving me fits. I had started my Python adventure with a Programming for Everyone (PR4E) class through  the University of Michigan at the beginning of the year. Unfortunately, U of M only offered that class and, to continue my programming education, I decided to take an Intro to Interactive Programming class from Rice. Part 1 of Intro to Interactive was considerably more difficult than PR4E, but I managed. And then summer happened and I wasn’t able to take part 2 until now. I’d spent a goodly portion of Weds. and Thurs. on the quizzes and the week’s mini project and I was stressed. Programming is not for the person who has usually gotten by in mathematics and hard sciences on a combination of memorization and imitation. On Friday, U of M announced that they’d be expanding PR4E into a specialization track and adding another set of classes for web design.  They’re beginning in a couple weeks. I probably could have toughed out Intro to Interactive, pt. 2, but U of M’s classes are informatics aspected, which will probably be more useful to me than designing simple games, and I like the philosophy of the U of M classes better. …And I still feel like a coward for dumping Intro to Interactive, pt. 2…

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3 thoughts on “#ROW80 ~ September 6th Update

  1. Chris Kincaid

    I guess this all explains why I haven’t signed up for any classes and have resigned myself to the fact that my elusive degree will remain such. Best wishes with all of that.

    1. Katherine Nabity Post author

      Programming has been a hard row to hoe, but kind of enjoyable too. I’ve been doing free online courses through Coursera so I don’t feel *too* bad if something isn’t working out.

  2. Denise D. Young

    Congrats on finishing a first draft of your story, and happy revising. I admire you for taking on the Python/web design classes. My web design skills are somewhat limited, but I manage okay with my WordPress site.

    Good luck with your class and your second draft!


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